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"Easy Stocks®"


Breeding season is probably the most dangerous time of the year on a horse farm. Stallions are rambunctious. Pregnant mares are cranky. New mothers are protective. People involved with breeding and foaling put in long hours. As a result, they tend to be less alert and more careless than usual.


Easy Stocks® are not only portable, but are designed to provide the most security possible for both the handler and horse. The stocks are made of extra heavy pipe. There are enough tie rings to restrain a horse in almost any necessary manner.

The cross ties are adjustable in both height and length, so small foals or large horses can be restrained in the Easy Stocks®.

A wood end gate helps prevent injured hocks. The quick-release latch makes it possible to free a horse at a moments notice. The gate is hung at a height designed to help prevent injury to persons palpating mares.

Easy Stocks® can be used for:
  • breeding
  • palpating and rectal examinations
  • treating injured horses
  • giving vaccinations to unruly horses
  • washing and grooming
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