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Give your horse the "Competitive Edge" with the world's original rollerless treadmill!
U.S. Patent #4227487 * U.S. Patent #D259367 * Canadian Patent #1125692

Does your horse have the extra muscle definition and gleaming coat it takes to win at halter? Does your riding horse have the extra stamina and endurance he needs to make his performance in the last go-round as brilliant as the first? You can give your horse that extra "competitive edge" it takes to win today's tough shows with healthful exercise on a SAFE-T-MILL®.

Exercise on a SAFE-T-MILL®, combined with the proper nutrition and health programs, will put your horse in the best physical condition he is genetically capable of. Supervised treadmilling will tone muscles and increase circulation. It builds heart and increases lung capacity. The end result is a horse with tremendous stamina and endurance. A horse with the glowing coat and beauty of good health.

Why let your competitors "edge" you out of the winners circle? Start your horse on a SAFE-T-MILL® conditioning program today.

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