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Safe-T-Mill High Performance Treadmill
Safe-T-Mill Original Treadmill
Safe-T-Mill Easy Strider Treadmill
Safe-T-Mill Mini-Sport Treadmill
Easy Walker
Free Walker
Easy Stocks
Mini Stock
Easy Feeder 2-foot Stall Model
Easy Feeder 4-foot Pasture Model
Mini Feeder 4-foot Pasture Model
Easy Feeder 4-foot Wall Model
Wash Rack
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Equine Treadmills & Equipment
Dear Fellow Horsemen:
We are pleased to learn of your interest in Trilogy Horse Industries, Inc. Products.
Quality fitting and conditioning are the concerns of every caring horse owner. At T.H.I. we know this and do our very best to meet your specific requirements, whether you are a family horse owner or professional! The following information will give you a general picture of the products we have to offer.
Trilogy Horse Industries, Inc. products started with our family horses-they've been a source of family recreation for almost 20 years. During this time we've tried many innovations, and discarded most of them! But a few we've kept, developed, and improved to provide our family horses a better life at a reasonable cost.
As a result, T.H.I. Products are strong, well designed, safe and long lasting. We know you'll find them that way, because we use them ourselves. Our products are used daily at our own horse farm.
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